Joint Effort to Enhance Wildwood Station Trail

Partnership Between City, Utility to Enhance Trail

Submitted by Marshfield Utilities

Marshfield Utilities (MU) is working jointly with the City of Marshfield’s Parks and Recreation Department and Mr. Dan Umhoefer in an effort to enhance the natural landscape of the Wildwood Station Trail.

Umhoefer has volunteered his time over the past year to remove invasive buckthorn along the bike trail. He has also purchased 300 bare root trees that will be installed along the bank on both the north and south side of the trail from Adams to State Street.
MU will be supplementing additional vegetation along the trail.

The plan includes approximately 60 shrubs to be placed throughout the area based on landowner placement and selection preferences. Ten larger trees will be installed along the north side of the bike path. These trees will provide additional color, habitat, and food for wildlife. Along with the bare root trees and shrubs, these trees will act as a natural nature fence that will fully develop as they mature in the years to come.

MU may provide additional vegetation in the near future. MU will also work cooperatively to develop a vegetation learning center to be incorporated into the trail.

“Our goal is to provide a natural barrier between the trail and the adjacent homes, increase the trail user’s experience, and educate the trail users on the different types of nearby vegetation,” said Nicolas Kumm, Electric, Communications and Gas Manager for Marshfield Utilities.

The project will result in a visually pleasing landscape that is compatible with the overhead power lines in the area. “We will work closely with the property owners to ensure that they are informed and able to provide input on the project,” stated Kumm.

The meeting and coordination with the property owners has already begun. Planting of the shrubs will occur in late spring to early summer.

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