Jaglinski(Assumption, 1st) Aue(Auburndale, 5th) Grancorvitz(Marshfield, 10th,) Ellenbecker(Athens, 10th) Ranked: Jan. 23 WIAA Girls 3 Point Challenge Leaderboard


This week’s WIAA 3 Point Challenge Leaderboard has four area players ranked among the state’s best:

  • Jordyn Jaglinski of Assumption is #1 in Division 5
  • Marshfield’s Ashley Grancorvitz is 10th in Division 1
  • Auburndale’s Annamarie Aue is 5th in Division 4
  • Athens’ Celina Ellenbecker is 10th in Division 5

OnFocus Girls Basketball Computer Rankings, January 22: Neillsville, Assumption, Phillips, Athens and Cadott #1-5

Central Wisconsin Girls Basketball Schedules


The 3-Point Challenge will be held on Saturday, March 11th at 9:30 am at the Resch Center in Green Bay. Fans can attend the event with tickets from the morning/afternoon session.


WIAA 3-Point Challenge

Eligibility: Only boys/girls at WIAA members schools who have dressed for/or occupied the team bench for a boys/girls varsity basketball game are eligible to participate in the Three-Point Challenge.

To enter the challenge, a boy/girl must be eligible under all the eligibility rules and conditions of competition of the WIAA. Coaches must enter shooting stats for ALL games for a player by noon on the Monday of Regional playoff games (Feb. 21 for girls, Feb. 28 for boys) to be considered for the final 3-Point Challenge.

Using WisSports stats, the top 2 players per division will be eligible for the contest based on percentage of shots made during regular season games only. (Minimum of 75 3-point shots during the regular season.)

It is extremely important that you have shooting stats for ALL games for players updated prior to the Monday of regional week. Most coaches find it easiest to enter stats shortly after games and keep on top of things throughout the year.

The top four players in each division will be notified the week of February 21 for girls and the week of February 28 for boys and asked to commit to the challenge by Saturday of the Regional Finals (February 25 girls; March 4 boys). Only the top two will participate. If your team advances to the State Championships, you are not eligible to compete in the 3-Point Challenge. There will be no substitutes or alternates in the 3-Point Challenge.

Uniform: All participants shall wear their official school team uniform, which shall be the uniform jersey and shorts. Uniform color shall be at the discretion of the participant. Shooters who appear at the competition, not in a school uniform, shall be disqualified from the shooting contest. Participants need to come dressed to compete – no locker rooms will be available.

Financial Assistance: Each participant in the 3-Point Challenge will receive a complimentary ticket to be admitted to the Saturday afternoon session of the State Tournament. Each participant is entitled to one additional ticket for his/her coach to accompany him/her to the event. Travel and lodging to and from the state venue will be at the athlete’s/school’s expense. A parking permit for Lot 91 will be provided for each contestant.


The WIAA will do a blind draw to determine the shooting order for all rounds. The order will be announced prior to the date of the competition. The shooting order for each round, after the first round, shall be in reverse (fewest made to most made) order of their score for the previous round.

Contestants should enter the Media Gate door (right next to Lot 91 where parking permit will be) no earlier than 8:15 a.m. on Saturday. Show your 3-Point Challenge Contestant badge and you and your coach/parent will be directed downstairs to the court area. Competitors should come dressed in their team uniform – shorts and jersey. (Either the dark or light uniform is acceptable.) No locker room facilities will be available.

Competitors will be provided access to the floor at 8:40 a.m. The Spalding Classic basketball will be the ball used with the Spalding ABA (boys) and the WNBA ball (girls) used as the money ball on each rack.

An initial warm-up period of 15 minutes will be provided prior to the start of Round 1. For each subsequent round, a warm-up period of three (3) minutes will be provided and one (1) minute warm-up period before each tiebreaker, if needed. Prior to the start of competition, all contestants will be introduced.

Each shooter will shoot one round consisting of five racks of five (5) balls (total of 25 balls). An official will be on each court to verify that the shot is taken from behind the arc. Any shot that is made but not attempted from behind the arc will not count in a contestant’s point total.

Beginning with Rack 1, shooters will compete in a round and rotate through the 5 racks as follows:

  • Rack 1 – Right corner (as you look at the court from halfcourt)
  • Rack 2 – Right side of free throw line extended
  • Rack 3 – Top of circle
  • Rack 4 – Left side of free throw line extended
  • Rack 5 – Left corner

Each made shot will count as 1 point. The last ball on each rack will count for 2 points.

There will be a time limit of one (1) minute per shooter each round.

Quarterfinal Round – 5 shooters on each end (5 rounds)
Semifinal Round – Top 4 shooters (point total) advance (2 rounds)
Final Round – Top 2 shooters (point total) advance (1 round). The individual with the most points from the semifinal round will get the choice of shooting first or second. The final round will be conducted on one basket only.

Awards: Plaque presented to winner along with medals to all qualifiers. Everyone participating in the Challenge will receive an award at the conclusion of the competition. Please do not leave the court area following the completion of your competition.

Ball: The Spalding Classic will be the official ball of the 3-Point Challenge.


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David Keech
Author: David Keech

David Keech is a math teacher in Wisconsin Rapids and public address announcer for Abbotsord High School. He officiates basketball, baseball, and softball in central Wisconsin. He has reported on amateur sports since 2011, known as 'KeechDaVoice.' David can be reached at [email protected]