Interview with Ryan Ruebl of Meanwhile in Wisconsin

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Ryan Ruebl, the man behind the popular social page Meanwhile in Wisconsin, recently spoke with OnFocus’ Branden Bodendorfer about starting his social media career.

In the interview, he shares what it’s like to partner with other Wisconsinites like Charlie Berens and Chris Kroeze, growing up in the Wisconsin north-woods, and his inspiration for his pages.

Ruebl got his start in 2012 when he thought of the idea for starting a Facebook page called Wisconsin Style that had a mix of comedic and realistic elements to it. His initial Facebook page led to the creation of Meanwhile in Wisconsin which debuted a year later in 2013.

Ruebl said his Meanwhile in Wisconsin page gained traction instantly after he put it up and began posting.

“That page actually really took off,” Ruebl said. “I remember the first month-or-so, I think it gained like 25,000 followers so it blew up really quick.”

From then on, he established himself as an entertainer, poking fun at the north-woods way of life. The Rhinelander and Rice Lake native said it was easy to get started because he was just documenting his every day interests and life.

“I just take all of my activities or everything I’m passionate about and put it on the page,” Ruebl said. “Basically everything that you see on this page is exactly who I am.”

The sites originally started as a way to promote Ruebl’s clothing lines which featured witty sayings about Wisconsin sports teams or outdoor activities. They quickly turned into a way to make people laugh while bonding over Wisconsin culture.

His online presence gained some traction when he decided to collaborate with Charlie Berens on a Manitowoc Minute Episode. Ruebl had shared some of Berens’ material before, including a spoof of a famous Titanic scene, but said when he saw Charlie’s idea for the Manitowoc Minute, he thought it was brilliant.

After his appearances on the Manitowoc Minute episodes, Ruebl began to appear more and more on camera and do more video work that he would post to his pages.

His comedic personality has parlayed what began as a simple Facebook page into a full-time job that include partnerships with Kwik Trip, Chris Kroeze and much more.

Ruebl plans to work more with Chris Kroeze on an upcoming ice fishing song as well as collaborate with new people and said he won’t run out of content any time soon.

“I probably have only shown 30 percent of what I can do,” Ruebl said. “I think there’s still 70 percent left in the tank.”

You can check out Ruebl’s personal Facebook page, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube channel. You can also see Ruebl’s content on Meanwhile in Wisconsin on Facebook and Instagram. Finally, you can check out his merchandise line and content at Wisconsin Style on Facebook, Wisco Style on Instagram and

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