Escaped Columbia Correctional Institution Convicts Captured

Two inmates who escaped from Columbia Correctional Institution have reportedly been captured in Rockford, Illinois after the founder of Miss Carly’s homeless services center recognized them upon arrival.


“This morning two men showed up at our door shivering, frozen, wearing prison issue sweats and thermal shirts. They had emergency blankets stuffed under their clothing. They looked just like the kind of people we want to help….but they weren’t. I recognized them right away,” Miss Carly’s said in a statement. “They had escaped from prison in Wisconsin. See, my mom was homeless and she was kidnapped, raped and murdered years ago. So, these guys faces stuck in my memory after seeing their photos and reading about their charges. Rockford Illinois Police Department was here within minutes and handled the situation with professionalism and cool heads. I trembled as I offered the two men coffee to warm them up and stall their departure. I was so relieved when our officers showed up. They are off the streets now. I have a huge heart for the unloveable and the lost, but I will always fight to keep our city safe <3”

According to a statement, 45-year-old Thomas Deering and 37-year-old James Newman escaped Thursday morning. Both men have a history of escaping custody. The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging people in the area to stay at home, lock their doors, and call 911 with anything suspicious.

Deering was found guilty of burglary, kidnapping, and 2nd degree sexual assault in 2001, according to online records. Newman was convicted in 2009 for unlawfully discharging a firearm. Newman was also found guilty of kidnapping, theft of a vehicle and escaping custody in 2012.

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