Incorrect Ballots Distributed in Stratford

Fifty-four voters in the Village of Stratford received incorrect ballots this morning. The ballots had the wrong state legislative races on them.

“This section of ballots were wrong, the legislative races were printed for someone else’s district, not for the village of Stratford,” said June Krueger, Stratford Village Clerk. “Part of that packet there in front of our election inspectors was correct, some were not. I quickly switched through and got correct ballots in front of them.”

When asked if they knew who the 54 voters are Krueger confirmed they knew who they were.

“Because of the poll list when you arrive there, we were able to make a list of voters 1-54. We have the luxury of having utility billing and have a lot of contact information on our utility customers,” said Krueger. “We have been calling and making personal contact with these 54 voters. In consultation with the county clerk and state election commission we are requesting that these 54 voters come back and cast a correct ballot.”

“We have taken those 54 incorrect ballots and secured them down at the election site,” added Krueger. “Then, these new ballots from these revoting 54 electors will be kept separate and then that will be reconciled at 8:00 PM when we close.”

Krueger added that if you were voter 1-54 and have not spoken with someone from the clerk’s office yet, please reach out by calling their office at 715-687-4166 and they will share the process for revoting.

Krueger did verify that all absentee ballots that were cast were correct.

OnFocus reached out to Marathon County Clerk Nan Kottke, but at the time of publishing she was unavailable for comment.

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