Illegal Claw Trap Set in Public Park Injures Cat

MAPS photo

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) On March 21, an adult calico cat was injured after getting caught in a claw trap set in Braem Park.

Claw traps ensnare the leg of the animal and hold it in place until the trapper returns. “It is a very inhumane way of trapping as it can literally break bones in the leg that gets caught, as was the case with this cat,” said Ordinance Officer Bob Larsen.

The cat was found and taken to Marshfield Area Pet Shelter, which contacted Marshfield Ordinance for vet transport. An X-ray revealed a fractured left front paw. The cat was sedated and a cast put on the paw, along with several stitches to close up the wound, before being returned to MAPS for a 6-8 week recovery process.

Due to infection from the wounds, the cat unfortunately had to be euthanized five days later.

Unless set by Ordinance, traps are illegal in public spaces, like parks. “You can set traps on your own property, but we strongly encourage the use of a live trap vs a ‘claw’ type trap. Setting traps on property other than your own is prohibited and considered to be trespassing,” said Larsen.

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