How to Tell if Your Cat Loves You

how to tell cat loves me

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It’s safe to say that we love our cats, but you may be wondering, does my cat love me? Cats don’t usually wear their emotions on their sleeve the way that dogs do. While dogs are very openly expressive, cats can be a little harder to read. This has led many people to assume that cats don’t have feelings or that they can’t show affection. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you know what signs to look for, you might be surprised at how often your cat is saying, “I love you.” Here are five love languages your cat might use to tell you they care:

A Furry Shadow

Did you ever have a friend or a younger sibling that followed you everywhere you went? It may have been annoying at the time, but eventually, you probably realized that they just wanted to be around you because they wanted to be just like you.

Cats are the same way. If your catch your cat following you around the house or nearly trip over them as they circle around your feet — rest assured that this is just your cat’s way of trying to show their love. Show them some love in return by acknowledging their presence with a little scratch behind their ears or a gentle stroke of their fur.

Blink Twice if You Love Me

When a cat is happy or wants to display affection, they may squint their eyes and blink slowly. It’s like kitty morse code for “I love you.” These slow, methodical blinks are often referred to as “cat kisses.”

To reciprocate this show of affection, try mimicking your cat’s expression by softening your gaze and blinking slowly back at them as a way of saying, “I love you too.”

Full Heart, Full Belly

Cats often show their bellies as a sign of love and trust. If you find your cat frequently rolling over and exposing their tummy, it may be an open display of vulnerability and their way of telling you they feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe with you.

Cats might also show their bellies when they want to play or as an act of submission or defense when they feel insecure. However, if you know your cat well, you will likely be able to tell the difference.

To Me, You Are Purrfect

One of the simplest ways your cat communicates their love for you is through their purrs. In fact, it’s widely believed that cats tend to save their purrs of delight exclusively for humans they adore. However, purrs can also be a response to fear or pain.

The best way to tell the difference between a distress signal and a sign of affection is by considering their body language. If your cat is rubbing up against your leg or curling up by your feet or in your lap while purring quietly, they are likely letting you know they care deeply for you.

A Gift of Love

One way that we show people we care about them, is by giving gifts. We give gifts on special occasions, or for no occasion at all, just to say, “I love you.” Well, you may be surprised to find out that cats also express their love through gifts. While these gifts might not be on the top of your wish list, like a dead mouse or an old toy, they are nonetheless your cat’s way of showing you they care.

So, the next time you think to yourself, “does my cat love me?” look closely for one of these five cat love languages. The more you pay attention to your cat’s way of communicating, the more obvious it will be just how much they really do love you.

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