How to Save Money on Gas

how to save money on gas

Local Tips to Save Money on Gas

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – As gas prices reach record highs throughout the United States, many people are looking for ways to save money on gas. Apart from the evergreen tips of carpooling or biking to work, there are some actions drivers can take locally to help reduce how much money they are spending on fuel.

Wheelers Family Auto Group sales manager Nat Bremer said more people have been asking about electric vehicles (EV), in line with a national trend.

“With the rising prices of fuel, EV are becoming more popular every day,” said Bremer. “I like to remind people that GM does offer great high-mileage SUV’s, too. From the small SUV of the Trax to the large Traverse, GM is continually working on getting better fuel range. For example, the auto stop/start feature technology.”

Until the infrastructure can support EV, Bremer said fuel-efficient vehicles are important to consider when shopping for a new vehicle.

Other driving tips to reduce fuel waste include:

  • Accelerating/braking gently and gradually
  • Maintaining a steady speed
  • Coasting to decelerate
  • Not driving aggressively
  • Anticipate traffic to prevent sudden braking

Even though reducing fuel usage is a good start, at some point the tank will need to be refueled. When gassing up, find a station that offers loyalty or other discounts. Weiler’s Convenience Stores in Marshfield, for example, offers six cents off per gallon of gas when paying with cash or check. Visit them at 2005 N Central, 600 N Central, and 2401 E 5th Street.

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