How to Keep Birds Healthy as Migration Season Approaches

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OnFocus – Winter brings hardship for many different animals as they search for food. One animal we can help find their next meal is birds.

Bird feeders are an easy way to help birds around your home, but also an easy decoration for your yard or porch.

Jim Bauer of the Central Wisconsin Country Store said this is one of the more important times of year for birds.

Birds are beginning to migrate from south to north as summer approaches. This means many days of travel are on the horizon and with that, the birds need energy. Bauer recommended that you put out seed that is high in carbohydrates and fat. Having water readily available for traveling birds is essential as well.

Sunflower hearts are high in fat and will be a good source to have in your feed. Another interesting food source is peanuts. Birds will grab a whole peanut and break it open to eat the nut on the inside.

Central Wisconsin Country Store carries all types of bird feeders perfect for Blue Jays, Cardinals, Finches and almost any other species of small bird. Bauer said the store also carries various types of feed including, sunflower blends, local mixes, suet, and thistle seed to name a few.

To keep squirrels out is a challenge, but Bauer has a little trick to keep them away from bird feeders.

“Squirrels are the hardest creature to keep off of the feeder,” Bauer said. “Squirrels can jump close to five feet and they can use a pole to launch themselves almost like a pole vaulter. If you want to keep squirrels out, you can mix hot pepper sauce in the feed. It is a vitamin C  source for the bird but hot for the squirrel.”

Birds are essential to keeping insect populations down so to keep birds happy and healthy, feeding during the winter months is an essential part of that process. To learn more about how to keep birds flying home during migration visit the Central Wisconsin Country Store website.

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