How to Get Involved with Rock Painting

Leah Meidl

Locals Create Impact with Rock Painting

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) Rock painting is a great activity to occupy the family, get outdoors, and connect with others during this time of social distancing.

On the Marshfield ROCKS Facebook group, members can share photos of the rocks they’ve encountered while out and about in the city and also share their own rocks that are ready to be hidden.

Group founder Leah Meidl started the page a few years ago after seeing other communities start similar groups for the national Kindness Rocks Project.

These rocks could be redeemed for free ice cream at Melody Gardens. Kathleen Elizabeth photo.

“I felt that it would be a great thing for Marshfield to do as well! It’s a wonderful way to spread joy and kindness in our communities,” Meidl said. “Painting rocks is fun, relaxing, and even therapeutic for painters! And, it’s a great family activity. My children and I love painting rocks together!”

The growing group now has close to 1,000 members. Meidl has been hiding painted rocks in the parking lots at the medical center to spread joy and thanks during COVID-19.

“Another neat thing about this is, often, rocks will move from town to town!” she said. “There have been rocks found locally even from other countries. It is so cool! Something so simple as putting paint on a rock can have such an impact on others.”

The painted rocks can also help support local businesses. A dozen ice cream-themed painted rocks were recently hidden as prizes to redeem at local business Melody Gardens for a free ice cream cone, and were soon discovered.

Angie Makovec

Rock painting is also an activity that can be enjoyed regardless of artistic skill, from the beginner to the more advanced artist.

Group member Angie Makovec has taken the art of rock painting to the next level with her intricate mosaic designs and colorful patterns. She prefers painting on smooth rocks and using paint pens.

“They work well for times when you want more detail,” Makovec said. “Other than that, just have fun! ”

Tips for Painting Rocks

-Start with a clean rock — Clean with water and dish soap first if needed. Let dry completely.

Angie Makovec

-Use acrylic paints from local craft stores, paint markers, and even sharpies to paint a design. Let the paint dry.

-Seal the design — If sharpie was used, use Mod Podge first or the design will run. If only paint was used, use a spray sealant. You can also apply Mod Podge first and then use a spray sealant.

-Optional: Write Marshfield ROCKS Facebook on the bottom of the rock to direct finders to the page.

-Hide the rock in a public area and in a safe location.

Leah Meidl
Leah Meidl

Painted Rocks Spread Cheer Throughout Marshfield



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