Hearing Dates Set To Hear Complaint Against Marshfield Mayor

OnFocus – Hearing dates have been set to hear evidence in the complaint against Mayor Bob McManus, starting March 19 at 6:00pm and continuing on March 22 at 6:00pm.

During Tuesday’s Common Council meeting, Attorney Jim Kalny introduced himself to Council. Kalny will be overseeing the hearings. Bringing extensive municipal experience to the proceedings, Kalny has served in roles throughout Wisconsin that include City Attorney, HR director, and has years of experience in municipal law. He has also been exposed to Chapter 17 hearings, which were included in the complaint and prompted the hearing under law.

“I’ve got to make sure that we have due process,” said Kalny. “That’s my principle role.”

Next steps in the hearing include identifying witnesses and issuing subpoenas. Kalny will serve as examiner to advise on maintaining order, rule on evidentiary matters, and respond to any questions. He explained how proceedings will stick to what is detailed in the complaint.

“We have to make sure the mayor has notice and opportunity to be heard,” he said.

He also encouraged the Common Council members to remain impartial decision makers that base their opinions on the evidence presented during the hearing.

“You are a jury member, essentially,” he explained, adding that he strongly advises against public discussion or private investigation into the subject matter of the hearing and that it’s not appropriate to talk to constituents. “The goal is to provide a fair hearing. That’s what due process is all about.”

Council authorized President Tom Witzel to issue subpoenas and Kalny to administer oaths and act as hearing examiner. They will also hire a stenographer.

The hearing is scheduled for March 19 and 22 at 6:00pm.

(Editor’s Note: Date was edited)

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