Greenwood Students Craft 400 Cutting Boards for Nasonville Dairy

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(OnFocus) Manufacturing students at Greenwood High School recently earned some real-life work experience after Nasonville Dairy placed an order for 400 cutting boards.

The ten students who handled the project are enrolled in the manufacturing class or are part of the club GHS Manufacturing, which acts essentially as a student-led business for custom orders.

This semester’s project began in October with the work completed during class and beyond as needed in order to make the deadline in early December.

The boards were glued, CNC routed to size with a drip edge, hand routed and sanded, laser engraved with the Nasonville Dairy logo, and finished with a food grade finish.

“Students are in charge of every step of the project from start to finish,” said Noah Werner, Technology Education teacher.

Various projects have been completed by students for many local businesses and community members around Greenwood, including a few cutting boards last year for Nasonville Dairy.

School District of Greenwood

“It gives them a real-life experience of what a business goes through on a daily basis,” said Werner. “Students experience sales, billing, accounting, quality control, and manufacturing. It also teaches them work ethic, time management, and attention to detail.”

Along the way, they learn the importance of turning out a quality product, and that the process may take some trial and error.

“Four hundred handmade cutting boards don’t magically appear,” said Werner. “It takes a lot of hard work and effort to produce those.”

The laser engraver used extensively for the project was made possible through a school referendum a few years ago. “Without that we wouldn’t be able to do things like this,” he said.

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