Green Bay Police Officer Tests Positive for COVID-19

green bay police covid

GREEN BAY/ POLICE DEPARTMENT – The Green Bay Police Department was notified late Saturday April 4th that one of our patrol officers had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The affected officer has not been at work since March 29th. The officer is currently recovering and the GBPD family is helping support this officer during this time.

The Brown County Health Department is conducting a virus trace investigation to determine if anyone who had contact with the officer in the community and internally at the police department that would warrant further testing. If that is determined, these individuals will be notified immediately. The department is working closely with the Emergency Operations Center and local health departments to do everything we can to make sure officers and the community are taken care of.

“The entire Police Department was devastated to hear that one of our colleagues was found to have COVID-19 virus. All of our Green Bay Police Department m embers are supporting him and praying for him and his family,” said Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith. “I am so proud that the men and women of the Green Bay Police Department continue to work courageously to protect and serve our community during these difficult and dangerous times.”

We want to stress the importance of the Governor’s Order. We are still receiving multiple complaints of people and businesses in the community violating the order. We need your help individually, as a community and overall as a city to overcome this. Together we will work through this. Thank you and stay safe and healthy.

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