Green Bay Police Officer Sustains Minor Injuries in Motorcycle Crash

motorcycle crash Green Bay
Courtesy GBPD

Green Bay Police Department Urges Motorists to Stay Focused While Driving

GREEN BAY, WI (OnFocus) – On Tuesday April 19th, a Green Bay Police Officer narrowly missed tragedy and sustained minor injuries. The officer was conducting a traffic stop and was entering data on the mobile data terminal attached to his motorcycle when the motorcycle was rear-ended by another motorist.

Thankfully, the officer was standing next to the motorcycle when this occurred, sustaining minor injuries. The vehicle had fled the scene after the crash and was located a short time later. The driver of the vehicle was charged with Hit and Run – Injury 346.67(1), inattentive driving 346.89(1) and operating without a valid license 343.05(3)a.

Green Bay Police are urging motorists to stay focused while driving, especially with motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians being back on the road. We are thankful that the officer standing next to the motorcycle was able to walk away from this accident, please pay attention while driving so you can arrive at your destination safely.

Body camera footage from the officer at the time of the accident:

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