Green Bay Police List Arrest Numbers for Packer Games

GREEN BAY, WI (OnFocus) – All season long, the Green Bay Police Department releases numbers on how many arrests and ejections they dish out while the Packers are dishing out losses to their opponents. It’s halfway through the Packer season so here’s where the numbers are at so far:


Saturday, August 14 – vs. Houston Texans: 4 People Ejected; 1 Arrest

Saturday, August 21 – vs. New York Jets: 2 People Ejected; 1 Arrest

Regular Season

Monday, September 20 – vs. Detroit Lions: 4 People Ejected; 4 Arrests

Sunday, October 10 – vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: 11 People Ejected; 1 Arrest

Sunday, October 24 – vs. Washington Football Team: 1 Person Ejected; 1 Arrest

Sunday, November 14 – vs. Seattle Seahawks: 10 People Ejected; 2 Arrests

Total on Season

32 Ejections; 10 Arrests

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