Great Northern Conference Releases Updated Football Schedules

The Great Northern Conference has released their updated football schedules to meet the WIAA mandated late starting date. This schedule is still subject to change at the WIAA Board of Control meeting on Friday, follow our new Twitter feed at @SOnfocus for live updates from the meeting.

September 25th
Rhinelander @ Antigo
Lakeland Union @ Mosinee
Hayward @ Medford
Ashland @ Merrill

October 2nd
Antigo @ Medford
Merrill @ Lakeland Union
Mosinee @ Rhinelander
Hayward @ Ashland

October 9th
Antigo @ Hayward
Lakeland Union @ Ashland
Medford @ Mosinee
Rhinelander @ Merrill

October 16th
Mosinee @ Antigo
Hayward @ Lakeland Union
Merrill @ Medford
Ashland @ Rhinelander

October 23rd
Antigo @ Merrill
Rhinelander @ Lakeland Union
Medford @ Ashland
Hayward @ Mosinee

October 30th
Ashland @ Antigo
Lakeland Union @ Medford
Merrill @ Mosinee
Rhinelander @ Hayward

November 6th
Antigo @ Lakeland Union
Medford @ Rhinelander
Mosinee @ Ashland
Merrill @ Hayward

Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek