Gordie Earll Recognized for Service to City of Marshfield

Representative John Spiros recognized former Marshfield Alderman Gordon Earll at Tuesday’s Common Council meeting with a citation from the Governor and Legislature.

“One thing I can say about Gordy, talk about one of the nicest alderman,” said Spiros. “In the time I served with him and the time I served with others, Gordy had to be one of the nicest. Even when we would get into debate, he was still very polite about the debates.  Even though you could try and sway him, he would go back.”

Spiros shared a story about Earll’s dedication to the Industrial Park Commission, where Earll attended every meeting even when he wasn’t yet officially on the commission.

“I have to commend you because you truly participated and listened and learned and saw what was going on, so that when you came here you were well prepared,” he said.

Earll then shared his own memory.

“I have to tell you a funny story about John and I,” said Earll. “John was on Council when I came on, and one of the times he came into a council meeting when we were in the basement over there – it was probably a meeting I wasn’t assigned to – and he came over to me and said ‘Are you sleeping here?’ because he thought I had a room – that spare room where we had the extra chairs. He accused me of sleeping in there so I could come to all these meetings.”

He added that he is thankful for the citation and his time serving on the Council.

“I do appreciate this. I enjoyed the time I spent with the City. That was one of the reasons I volunteered for the Police and Fire Commission,” said Earll. “Even though I don’t feel comfortable being on the Council anymore, I still feel that I can attend meetings and be on committees and serve.”

Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek