Get Your Garden Ready with Central Wisconsin Country Store

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) The Central Wisconsin Country Store is available to help locals with their garden needs, from seed to soil treatment.

The store, located at 106 S. Peach Ave., carries half a dozen bulk varieties of potatoes, five varieties of bulk sweet corn, two varieties of bulk garden peas, onions, edible pod peas, carrots, table beets, bulk lettuce, and more.

Customers can also find several kinds of green and yellow beans. “One is actually a yellow and a green bean mixed together, and we call them Packer beans,” said location manager Jim Bauer.

The store can help gardeners treat their soil for nutrients. Soil samples can be taken to AgSource Laboratories. The Marshfield Agricultural Research Station has currently suspended soil testing due to university policy during the coronavirus. According to the lab, someone may send soil samples and wait for analysis, wait to test the soil at a later date, or contact another DATCP certified lab. A list of labs can be found on the DATCP website here.

When taking a sample, it’s a good idea to list what will be planted in the soil. “For example, sweet corn or leafy greens can be one listing, legumes, which are peas and beans, would be another one, and then they can mark grasses down, which covers asparagus,” said Bauer, who added that the staff at Central Wisconsin Country Store can help explain the results.

Once the soil needs are known, gardeners can find individual ingredients for treatment at the store. “If they only need a small amount, we can weigh it out by pound,” said Bauer. Fertilizers are also available, such as 10-10-10 or 9-23-39 fertilizer.

Central Wisconsin Country Store carries bulk sulfur to help clear up any issues with potatoes, which require mildly acidic soil, and offers advice for tomatoes.

“To help the fungus issues in tomatoes, you would spread them out and give them more sunlight, and treat the soil underneath them with gypsum and sulfur,” Bauer noted.

To get started, stop inside the store Tuesday and Thursday from 8-6 p.m., plus Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, and Saturday 8-1:30 p.m. Pickup orders can be arrange on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

For more information, contact Central Wisconsin Country Store at 715-387-1045.

Kaylin S
Author: Kaylin S

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