No Injuries Reported in Gas Leak

UPDATED: Marshfield Fire and Rescue responded to reports of a gas leak at Wesley United Methodist Church, 205 E 3rd St. in Marshfield shortly after 3 p.m. on Thursday, April 26. A stove was found to be the cause of the leak. There were no injuries.

Department Report: Dispatched for an odor of natural gas inside building. On arrival the building was evacuated. Staff showed us where the smell was located, which was in the kitchen. Four gas meters showed normal readings. No smell was evident on our arrival. Staff stated that the gas stove was used earlier. All burners were turned on, one appeared to be not working as well as the others. A slight smell of natural gas was present after stove was shut off. Staff was informed to have stove serviced, but the smell was very faint. 

What to Do if a Gas Leak is Suspected

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