From the Braintrust: WIAA Football Conference Realignment a Flawed Process

~ From the Braintrust ~

If it seems like high school football in the state of Wisconsin is constantly in flux when it comes to conference alignment, that’s because it is. Enrollment numbers change, teams add high schools, teams move from 11 man football to 8 man football, and teams become significantly less competitive over time.

Things like that are inevitable.

In Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association allows teams and conferences to look into making changes in the makeup of conferences, and if it seems lately there have been many more changes than there used to be, it’s because it’s true.

WBCA Girls  Basketball All-State Teams D 1,2,3,4,5

Changes are inevitable, but what is causing concern across the state is the process by which conference realignment occurs.

The WIAA has largely told teams and conferences they can propose changes to conferences, which will then be reviewed by the WIAA.  The latest proposed changes have been made for football-only conference alignment, and as we all know, trying to make everyone happy is nearly impossible.

The issue, though, is that the WIAA policy is to have others propose changes, and then if schools object, to come up with a better plan.

The Braintrust sees that as a flawed plan.

A suggestion has been made before to give authority to the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association to work with its members, develop proposals, and then ask the WIAA to approve them. Seems to make a ton of sense.

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David Keech
Author: David Keech

David Keech is a math teacher in Wisconsin Rapids and public address announcer for Abbotsord High School. He officiates basketball, baseball, and softball in central Wisconsin. He has reported on amateur sports since 2011, known as 'KeechDaVoice.' David can be reached at [email protected]