From the Braintrust: NFL Needs to Get Rid of Thursday Night Football; a Revised Plan

~ From the Braintrust ~

The NFL is a big money machine, make no mistake about it.

Franchises worth $1 billion and up.

21 NFL players (as of March 1) with contracts of $100 million or more.

The NFL scheduling plan that brought on Thursday Night Football was their play on making a big pile of money, and they’ve done just that. The problem, though, is that Thursday Night Football is a big failure.

Total failure.

NFL TV Rights Deal likely to basically remain the same

Despite the NFL thinking a game on Thursday nights would be a big boon to the league, it has turned out to produce so many bad games. Players give their all on Sunday and then turn around and play again on Thursday, resulting in too many lackluster games.

There are some solutions for the NFL to consider, but they’re swimming in money now, so it’s doubtful anything will change.

Here are some ideas, anyway.

  1.  Schedule teams to play on Thursday that have a bye the previous week. That allows teams a mini break before and after the Thursday tilt.
  2. Move the game to Tuesday instead, the week before their bye week.
  3. Simply play a doubleheader on Mondays. An early and then late game. Sure to be a financial windfall for the league.

With all of the television money at stake, considering alternative plans that get rid of Thursday night disasters makes sense for the league to consider.

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David Keech
Author: David Keech

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