Police Reports: Fraudulent activity on bank account

Police Reports

9.22.20 at 1349
A Menards manager contacted police after he had video surveillance confirming the theft of items from within the business. The male suspect was positively identified through past police contacts. At this time no known address or phone number for follow-up with the male. Request for charges for misdemeanor theft will be forwarded to the D.A. office due to prior offenses in the year.

9.24.20 at 1627
A mand from Allenton, WI called stating that he needed a police report in order to list an item as stolen so he could file a refund claim through US Cellular. During the contact, several questionable responses were made by the man regarding the cell phone. He gifted the phone to a 58-year-old Marshfield woman, however, the package was labeled to the woman’s husband. Contact was made with the couple who denied receiving a package there. The wife stated that she told the man to leave her alone, did not want a cell phone, and lied to him about her whereabouts so he would stop attempting contact. Due to the information discovered, the man will be mailed a citation for obstructing, for his attempt at filling a false police report in order to obtain a refund and mislead officer to conceal his communication with the Marshfield woman. The man was also asking the officer for the woman’s address, which he will not receive.

9.25.20 at 1742
On the above date and time, a Marshfield woman reported possible fraudulent activity on her Bank of America business account. The woman reported she received payment for a contractual cleaning job she performed in Virginia, through direct deposit into her account. Bank of America reported possible fraudulent activity on those payments, as they came from the Virginia Unemployment Office, associated with a third party. Bank of America requested a police report for their investigation.

9.25.20 at 2019
A 67-year-old Marshfield woman reported that an unauthorized debit transaction occurred between 9.23.20 – 9.24.20 to her savings account. The woman did not have any pertinent banking information or account information accessible. She was instructed to contact her payee at Professional Payee Service Inc. out of Friendship, WI. The woman was also instructed to obtain necessary bank documents from Simplicity Credit Union which was requested by this officer. The woman stated she did not have a debit or credit card. Investigation on-going.

9.25.20 at 2040
A manager at Fleet Farm reported that on 9.25.20 2000 two individuals entered the business and attempted to return unpaid merchandise they retrieved within the store. The manager stated that when the individuals identified themselves to the service desk, the system flagged one of the names for fraudulent returns. At this time the two individuals grabbed the unpaid merchandise and walked out of the store with it, past the last point of sale. The manager is currently working on a detailed sales receipt and surveillance footage. Investigation to Continue

9.26.20 at 0053
Officers attempted a traffic stop on a vehicle at W. 14th/S. Central Ave. The vehicle failed to stop for officers and a pursuit ensued. The vehicle eventually came to a stop out of city limits and a 25-year-old Marshfield male was placed in custody. During a search of the vehicle, drug items were located. Charges of Possession of Methamphetamine, Drug Paraphernalia, and Fleeing will be requested through Wood County District Attorney’s Office. The Male was transported to Wood County Jail.

9.26.20 at 0400
While on patrol, an officer observed a red Saturn Ion parked on the side of the road with its driver side mirror appearing to be hit. Contact information was placed on the windshield of the vehicle for the owner to contact law enforcement. The owner later advised law enforcement that he was unaware of the damage. The damage did not meet state crash report criteria.

9.26.20 at 1127
On the listed date and time a 54-year-old Marshfield woman was found to be in possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia following traffic stop at the listed location. Charges are being requested through the Marathon County DA.

9.26.20 at 1530
On the listed date and time officers made contact with a 26-year-old Marshfield man who was in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia following a traffic stop. Charges are being requested through the Wood County DA.

9.26.20 at 1953
Officers were requested to assist the Plover PD in an attempt to locate a runaway female at a residence on S. Vine Ave. During the investigation, a 16-year-old female was found to be in possession of Marijuana, Drug Paraphernalia, and a Jule smoking device. The runaway female was not located at the residence.

9.27.20 at 1816
A Marshfield man reported that sometime after 9.23.20 1218  a package was delivered to his apartment complex via UPS. A neighbor was able to verify that the package was delivered, as she physically saw the package by their mailbox area. The man stated that he does not have any suspects that would take the package.

9.27.20 at 2155
Retail theft was reported from the Bread and Butter convenience store. The complainants provided a suspect description. The suspect has not been located. Video of the incident was not available at the time of the report and they will contact the PD when it is available. Investigation to continue.

9.28.20 at 1503
A Marshfield woman reported that a package sent to her was altered. She spoke with the Landlord and video footage was obtained. The suspect was identified as a 30-year-old Kenosha female. Request for charges will be forwarded to the Wood County DA.

9.29.20 at 1332
Officers arrested a 42-year-old Marshfield female who was hiding in her attic. The female had 4 valid misdemeanor warrants and 2 valid felony warrants. She was transported to MMC for medical clearance and later transported to Wood County Jail.

9.29.20 at 1354
A key holder for locations on S. Maple Ave and E. 25th st. that are owned by Mason Companies called to report that the buildings had been broken into. Upon officer arrival, the keyholder had returned after leaving a few minutes prior to reporting the doors being broken into. Upon his return the door that had been forced open was now shut, indicating that someone had been inside and shut the door. Officers cleared both locations finding no one inside and no valuable items missing(mostly was empty). Unknown suspect at this lime.

9.29.20 at 1355
The victim reported that 3 aluminum rims, 2.0 CUFT of mulch, and 5 used tires were taken from his back yard closest to the alley between 9.28.20 2100 – 9.29.20 0800 but he believes that when he heard a loud bang around 0600 is when the items were taken. The victim stated that the tires are not usable and he was using them as weights. The victim said he had four total rims but only three were taken. At this time there are no suspects. The local scrap yards were notified of the theft in the event they are attempted to be scrapped. Extra Patrol is requested. No further information is available.

9.29.20 at 1501
The victim reported that he had a culvert pipe that was placed in the ditch and was waiting for install during 9.28.20 1700 -9.29.20- 1500 the culvert pipe was taken. In speaking with the neighbors no information regarding the theft could be found. No Known Suspects at this time.

9.29.20 at 1525
A Marshfield woman reported a suspicious person sitting in a blue vehicle on East Fillmore Street. Officer responded and made contact with two 37-year-old Stevens Point women who the officer observed by the vehicle. They stated they were on the property to check on their friend, a 23-year-old Marshfield female. The officer did a records check on both women which showed they were on probation. The officer then asked the owner of the vehicle if they could search her vehicle, and she provided me permission. No drugs or contraband found in the vehicle or on the two women’s persons. The officer did make contact with the 23-year-old woman via phone and she stated she was fine. No further action.

10.1.20 at 0756
On the listed date and time a Marshfield woman reported that an unknown person took her vehicle from her driveway without her permission. The woman stated that the vehicle was unlocked and believed the keys were in it at the time it was taken. Officers were able to locate the vehicle parked on the roadway in a different part of town. The vehicle did not appear to be damaged and no property was missing. Officers spoke with residents in the area where the vehicle was located and they stated that they did not see when the vehicle was parked there or the person who parked it.

10.1.20 at 1635
On the listed date and time a Marshfield reported disorderly behavior by a 34-year-old Marshfield male at a residence on S. Cherry Ave. Charges for disorderly conduct will be requested through the Wood County DA’s Office.

10.1.20 at 1653
On the listed date and time Hiller’s True Value staff contacted police in regards to a retail theft. Charges of retail theft and felony bail jumping will be requested through the Wood Co DA’s office against a 46-year-old Marshfield woman. The 46-year-old woman and a 34-year-old Marshfield man were trespassed from the property.

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