Fox News Reports Wood County Runs Out of Ballots

Fox News discusses Wood County, WI

Wood County Clerk Cannot Confirm Shortage

OnFocus – OnFocus reached out to County Clerk Trent Miner to confirm Fox News’ reports that Wood County polling locations ran out of ballots. Miner acknowledged that there are a number of precincts that have not reported, but has not heard of any ballot shortage. He is not able to confirm the source of Fox News’ information.

“It has been reported that Fox News, in their election coverage last night, stated that Wood County, Wisconsin had run out of ballots in some of their precincts, without attributing their source of this information. This, in turn, was picked up by some local media outlets and shared. At no time during Election Day did any municipality contact my office stating they were running out of ballots,” said Miner. “I want to emphatically confirm that NO precincts in Wood County ran out of ballots at the November 3, 2020 General Election. Any suggestions that infer otherwise are false and without merit.”


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