Former Police K-9 Toro Enjoys Retirement

K9 Toro - Photo Courtesy of his family

OnFocus – Retired Police K-9 Toro is enjoying his retirement after serving the Wood County Sheriff’s Department for about nine years. Toro worked with Deputy James Pidgeon since 2013, after his first handler was promoted.

Toro was one of two dogs serving the Wood County Sheriff’s Department. “The K-9’s are trained in narcotic detection, patrol apprehension, and tracking” according to the Sheriff’s Department’s website.

In the area, methamphetamine and heroin are in high demand, and the K-9s are called to look for it. They are also used to look for lost people, drunk drivers fleeing the scene of an accident, and burglars. They are even used to locate small items thrown away during crimes.

When Toro retired from service, Pidgeon took Toro into his home.

“Toro likes to lay around and watch the kids. He’s adapted to being a house dog,” says Pidgeon.

Currently, the Wood County Sheriff’s Department has two active-duty K-9s. Deputy Brandon Christianson works with K-9 Ace and Deputy James Pidgeon works with K-9 Sig.

In September, a third K-9 will be added to active-duty, according to Patrol Lieutenant Charles Hoogesteger. Deputy Justus Arendt will be working with K-9 Timo.

The K-9 unit does accept donations to help keep their operation running. The money also helps pay for the dogs once they retire. Deputy Pidgeon said when Toro retired, the Wood County Sheriff’s Department set up a donation fund to pay for Toro’s medical bills, food, and other expenses.

To donate, the Wood County Sheriff’s Department asks individuals to inquire via their Contact page here.

To learn more about what the K-9s do to help keep the area safe, visit the Wood County K-9 unit webpage here.

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Jessica Purgett
Author: Jessica Purgett

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