A motion to transfer $30,000 from an expired revolving loan fund to the Economic Development Board failed for lack of a second at the Finance, Budget and Personnel Committee meeting. The funding was to be used to create a development plan for the West Second Street Corridor from Chestnut Ave to the Steven J. Miller Recreation Area.

“Just because we are looking at a plan does not mean we are going to run out and buy property,” said Steve Barg, City Administrator, “But we need a plan to see what can happen, and what it will look like and what kind of uses will be there.”

“Anytime you mention West Second Street, there are many folks who get visibly upset about it,” said Alderman Jason Zaleski. “We are spending $30,000 on a study and there will be no traffic cones or barrels or torn up street.”

“That is a lot of money, but to do the analysis we need there are other steps to get the funding going,” stated Miller. “Whether it is designated as a blighted area and do a statutory redevelopment, there are other things beyond that, but without the study none of those things could happen.”

“You had mentioned the city garage again, I am wondering why that keeps coming up in the 2nd Street Corridor plans?” asked Alderwoman Rebecca Spiros.

“There is not an issue per se with the city garage,” said Josh Miller, Director of Development Services, “But, it is a critical property for a redevelopment, to redevelop the whole site. What we need to get a handle on is if this is financially feasible to move the garage.”

After the motion failed, Steve Barg updated the committee about the next step.

“It does not go forward to Council. Staff will have to follow up and talk to the Economic Development Board and possibly bring it back with some other approach,” stated Barg.

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