Festival Foods, vendor partners, guests make donation to Food for Neighbors for Family Meals Month

WISCONSIN (OnFocus) – Festival Foods celebrated Family Meals Month in September with a variety of programs, insights and recipe ideas to encourage families to enjoy meals together and help others achieve family meals as well. 

This year’s campaign focused on helping families across the state of Wisconsin accomplish family meals through Festival Foods’ Food for Neighbors program, which collects donations to provide food and supplies to approximately 40 food pantries across Wisconsin. Festival Foods and their vendor partners, including Hormel, Danone, Eggland’s Best and Kemps, encouraged contributions and sponsored free Click N Go grocery pickup fees for all guests who donated to Food for Neighbors online. 

Through these efforts, Festival Foods, their vendor partners and guests were able to donate over $30,000 to Food for Neighbors, which will help local food pantries stock their shelves with items that they most need. Festival Foods also donated over $720,000 worth of various food items to local food pantries across the state throughout the month. 

“We appreciate the partnership of our guests and vendors in supporting meals for families across the state of Wisconsin during Family Meals Month this year,” said Casey Wing, registered dietitian and digital content specialist for Festival Foods. “These efforts will make a big impact for our local food pantries, and we hope to see them continue into the future.” 

Guests can learn how to donate to Food for Neighbors at festfoods.com/community. 

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