Festival Foods’ Program Helps Workers Save for College

Festival Foods “Dollars for Students” Supports Student Goals

A program designed to support associates’ continued educational and professional certification goals, Festival Foods’ “Dollars for Students” program has helped students achieve their goals for more than 15 years.

“Associates save money by contributing 50 cents for each hour worked that is deposited into an account,” said Sarah Peters, Benefits Director at Skogen’s Festival Foods. “Festival Foods matches dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $10,000.”

All associates are eligible and encouraged to participate in the program.

“Festival Foods strongly believes in a good education and this program was developed to assist associates with their educational goals,” said Peters. “This program recently expanded to include coverage for professional certifications, which helps our associates develop in their field of expertise.”

Not only is the program monetarily beneficial, it also helps associates feel supported and encouraged.

“For associates and their families, this benefit really helps both from a financial and supportive standpoint,” said Peters.

Mariah Goeppinger started working at Festival Foods in Marshfield when she was a sophomore in high school and is currently a senior Nonprofit Leadership major at University of Northwestern – St. Paul.

“When I first started working at Festival, I decided to start the Dollars for Students Program. This program allowed me to automatically save money right from my paycheck; the money that I save goes towards paying my college tuition,” she said. “To me, it was a great way to independently start saving money for college! I am truly thankful that Festival matches the same amount that I saved for college. Festival has given me the opportunity to help pay my college tuition, which has helped prepare me for my future after college. Thank you, Festival Foods for supporting me in my pursuit of getting a college degree!”

To learn more about the program, connect with the Festival Foods Benefits Team at [email protected]

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