Festival Foods’ Farmer’s Market Set to Return This Weekend

2019 market

OnFocus – One of the beacons of summer will be on display this weekend as the farmer’s market located in the Festival Foods parking lot will be featuring local products.

Last year’s farmer’s market took place but in the wake of the coronavirus, guidelines were in place to prevent people from spreading the virus. This year, it appears as the farmer’s market will be free of restrictions and guidelines.

Festival Store Manager Marty Chy said the market has traditionally started out smaller but picked up steam as more product is grown and sold.

“As the season goes on, it gets bigger and bigger because people get more and more production,” Chy said. “It usually starts off small and gets big when you get into the high season of the summer. In terms of the crowd, it also changes throughout the year. As you get bigger, you get bigger and bigger crowds.”

The farmer’s market features grown goods from local food vendors. Visit the Festival Foods Farmer’s Market in Marshfield on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00am – 1:00pm at 1613 N Central Ave.

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