Federal Railway Administration Launches Website to Report Blocked Railway Crossings

Nearly 20 Reportable Intersections in the Marshfield Area

OnFocus – The Federal Railway Administration has created a new website to help drivers report railways that are blocked by trains for long periods of time.

The Canadian National Railway divides Marshfield, running along Highway 13 (Veterans Parkway) for a stretch within the city limits.

The company transports $250 billion worth of goods annually according to The Canadian Encyclopedia.

In the past, residents of Marshfield have been plagued by slow-moving or stalled trains. One such stoppage came in September of 2019 and another in December of that year.
With numerous intersections that are conflicting with railways, trains are constant causes of delays for motorists.

Both members of the public and law enforcement officers are encouraged to report train blockings to the FRA via their website.

“Communities have long dealt with the issue of blocked crossings, and FRA is now seeking broad public input to better understand the scope of the problem and engage with affected parties to identify potential solutions,” a press release from the FRA said.

“Railroads, states and local jurisdictions are best positioned to address blocked highway-rail grade crossings and I’ve asked them to work together to minimize unwanted impacts,” FRA Administrator Ronald L. Batory said. “FRA expects that collecting this data will help us identify where chronic problems exist and better assess the underlying causes and overall impacts of blocked crossings — locally, regionally and nationwide.”

The website asks reporters specifics about the blockage like the date, time and location of the blockage. There are around 20 reportable crossings in the Marshfield area.

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