Farm Safety Week Brings Attention to Harvest Time Highway Dangers

tractor on road

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Wisconsin State Patrol is reminding drivers that fall harvest time can be one of the busiest and most dangerous seasons of the year for the agricultural industry.

“We want to remind drivers that you cannot pass an implement of Husbandry – AKA farm tractors – in a no passing zone,” they stated.

Nate Bennington, Chief Operating Officer at ProVision Partners, shared the following tips:


  1. Wear your seat belt
  2. Stay off your cell phone
  3. Properly illuminate your vehicle and install turn signals
  4. Conduct vehicle inspection prior to movement
  5. Ensure your trailer lights are properly hooked up and functioning
  6. Early notification of other drivers of a turn across the road
  7. Plan for proper rest
  8. Wear protective equipment like eye/ear protection and steel toed boots
  9. Keep children away from the equipment


  1. Keep a safe distance from farm equipment as they have limited ability to react quickly
  2. Utilize your head lights during periods of limited visibility
  3. Be cognizant of lighting on farm equipment
  4. Slow down and if required to pass ensure you have ample time to make the maneuver safely
  5. Stay alert and wait to check your phone when you stop
  6. Be aware of turn signals

Everyone remember the motto:  Safety starts with me. More tips here.

Learn more about Farm Safety week here:


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