Escaped Cows Spotted on 29th Street

Submitted by Alanna F.

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) Two cows were spotted Monday morning wandering the 200 block of W. 29th Street in Marshfield.

Ordinance was contacted shortly before 9 a.m. and while en route was informed that the cows had started toward S. Central Avenue.

Ordinance Officer Kayla Wolf was the first on the scene at the corner of S. Central Ave. and 29th Street and was assisted by three other officers to keep the cows from wandering any further. The numbers in the cows’ ear tags were related to Wood County Dispatch, which keeps contact information for local farmers.

Dispatch later informed the officers that the owner of the escaped cows had been located and would arrive shortly. The farmer arrived on a four-wheeler and the officers helped turn the cows in the correct direction toward home.

In the former Figi’s distribution center parking lot. Submitted by Alanna F.

It’s uncertain how exactly the cows escaped, but overall the call went smoothly and without incident. “We did want to focus on getting the cows back home so that way they didn’t run into heavy traffic and no injuries were caused,” Wolf said.

Escaped livestock calls don’t happen frequently, but ordinance officers occasionally respond to them. Last year, Wolf responded to one instance of an escaped cow.

Kaylin S
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