Escape Room Coming to Marshfield

Future site of the Escape Room.

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) A new entertainment option is making its way to Marshfield later this summer.

Opening downtown at 108 E. 4th Street, Escape Room Marshfield will present themed challenges in which groups of 4-6 people spend an hour solving locks, riddles, puzzles and secrets to successfully “escape” the room. Escape Rooms are designed for players ranging from teenagers, to families, to senior citizens.

Dan Dargenio, Tim Bergelin, Katie Marotz, and Jeremy Ganong are owners and operators of the new venture.

“We have heard numerous times from countless people that they have gone to Wausau or Stevens Point for escape rooms and other forms of entertainment,” said Dargenio. “We really wanted to give another fun option for people to stay in Marshfield and spend local.”

Together the group has experienced many types of escape rooms throughout the United States and Europe. “Our excitement and passion for escape rooms has only grown over the years, until finally we decided that our different personalities and skill sets would make the perfect team to start our own,” he said.

A key difference to Marshfield’s escape room from others is that groups will have each room to themselves instead of being placed with strangers or having to wait for enough people.

“We want people to have a premier experience in our rooms and we think that time with friends and family working together, challenging each other, and experiencing a great night will get people really excited for our entertainment venue,” said Dargenio.

Renovations to the building will take place over the next few months. The first themed room will be ready by August 1 with a second unique room available a few weeks after opening. A third room is scheduled to debut by late fall. Rooms will rotate every six months to present new challenges for participants.

“Marshfield’s downtown has really started growing over the last few years with new businesses, new projects, and a new energy adding to some of the great businesses that have been staples of this community for decades,” he said. “We are excited to add another new venue to downtown Marshfield.”

Progress will be updated at the Escape Room Marshfield Facebook page.

Kaylin S
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