Eligibility, Public/Private Tournament Issues Being Addressed by Legislatures in Florida, Ohio

As we near the start of high school basketball playoffs in Wisconsin, both issues are becoming hot topics in the two states.

The debate of public schools vs private schools is taking place across the country, and as we near the start of high school basketball playoffs, the ongoing discussions  will resume.

In an article by  Publicschoolreview.com, proposed changes to high school athletic policies in Ohio and Florida are met with both approval and opposition by residents.

In Ohio, discussion has taken place regarding splitting teams from private and public schools into separate tournaments. This structure is what we formerly had in Wisconsin, with the WIAA and WISAA operating tournaments.
 Florida is discussing legislation that would protect student-athletes and preserve their eligibility while disputes are being investigated. Currently, it’s a case of “guilty until proven innocent” in eligibility matters in the state.
The legislation also would allow students to retain their eligibility if they transfer mid-year from one school to another. Currently, students aren’t eligible the same year they transfer schools and a coach in their sport moves to the same school.
In both states, discussion is ongoing on the role of the legislature when it comes to nonprofit state school associations.
David Keech
Author: David Keech

David Keech is a math teacher in Wisconsin Rapids and public address announcer for Abbotsord High School. He officiates basketball, baseball, and softball in central Wisconsin. He has reported on amateur sports since 2011, known as 'KeechDaVoice.' David can be reached at [email protected]