Letters of Support for Jason Zaleski

Letters To Editor for Jason Zaleski

Over the past two years 7th district Alderperson Jason Zaleski has shown that he has the passion and commitment to represent not only the 7th district but all the citizens of Marshfield. The Marshfield Professional Firefighters are proud to endorse Jason Zaleski and believe that his work ethic, communications skills and commitment to the City of Marshfield are what we need to continue moving our city forward. Any citizen that takes the time to speak with Jason will recognize that he makes educated decisions based on the facts. As a resident of the 7th District and someone who puts a lot into this city I am certain that Jason Zaleski will continue to focus on what is best for the 7th district and the City of Marshfield. On April 3rd please join me and vote for Jason Zaleski as the District 7 Alderperson.

Jason Schad – Marshfield Professional Firefighters

I am writing this letter to ask you to support and vote for my friend and husband, Jason Zaleski, on April 3rd.

I have known Jason for the past 23 years. During this time, I have witnessed him work hardest during the most difficult times, shine brightest during the darkest times and raise his hand highest with an offer of help regardless of who needs it. All of these qualities have enabled Jason to help raise our kids to be successful adults, provide advancement opportunities for friends and co-workers and work with those in our neighborhood who have needed help with a variety of issues.

Last year, Jason asked me what I thought about him seeking re-election for Marshfield District 7 and taking on a new responsibility for Wood County District 4. I was not surprised at all to hear that he had outgrown his comfort zone and wanted to help more people. Helping others is what he does best.

As a result, I fully support Jason Zaleski and you should too.

Sincerely, Rachel A Zaleski


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