Eau Claire Police Officer Saves Pedestrian After Accident

Officer Tyler Stephens, Courtesy of the Eau Claire Police Department.

EAU CLAIRE, WI (OnFocus) – Police officers encounter life-changing situations weekly if not daily. December 15, 2021 was no different for Eau Claire Police Officer Tyler Stephens when he witnessed a scary accident. Here’s the story from the Eau Claire Police Department:

“On December 15, 2021, Officer Tyler Stephens was driving his squad car near the intersection of South Hastings Way and Pleasant Street when he witnessed a car hit a pedestrian. The pedestrian was badly hurt, unconscious, and had breathing difficulties. To further complicate things, the area was heavily congested with traffic.

“Officer Stephens positioned his squad car to protect the scene, notified dispatch, and communicated with responding officers. As he approached, he noticed the pedestrian had agonal breathing. A short time later, the pedestrian went unresponsive and no longer had a pulse. Officer Stephens immediately began CPR trying to regain a pulse and consciousness. In addition to Officer Stephens’ lifesaving efforts, he was able to provide vital instruction and updates to responding officers and paramedics arriving on scene.

“This was a traumatic scene and Officer Stephens performed in a professional and caring manner. His calm demeanor promoted calmness of those around him and to those who responded to the scene.

“A crisis such as this is never easy to overcome. There were many moving parts and Officer Stephens performed flawlessly. His CPR work resulted in the pedestrian regaining their pulse and consciousness. The pedestrian’s life was saved because of Officer Stephens’ quick and decisive actions.

“This case could have ended differently. However, Officer Stephens’ experience, professionalism, and quality work provided for this positive outcome. We commend Officer Stephens for his actions and thank him for his dedication, commitment, and service to the City of Eau Claire.”

Thank you Officer Stephens! Take some time to thank a first responder for their commitment to keeping their communities safe.

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