Downtown’s Central Wisconsin Coin a Stop for Treasure Hunters

Fine, Costume Jewelry Part of Selection

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) Nestled in downtown Marshfield, Central Wisconsin Coin has a wide assortment of both fine jewelry and costume jewelry — something special for everything from a classy dinner party to a Halloween costume contest.

Co-manager Patty specializes in buying and selling the many pieces of jewelry that are featured for sale in the store, including necklaces, pins, and rings. Treasure hunters can find everything from Deco to Victorian to midcentury to modern pieces.

“I’d rather have pieces of quality from the past. I like vintage because it’s something unique and it’s a way to relive history. It’s a conversation piece,” said Patty. “There are maybe certain pieces that remind you of your grandma, for example. That’s part of who you are and your history.”

Shopping vintage jewelry has its advantages in both price and aesthetic. The pieces are often more affordable than a new piece, and each one is special.

“If you’re trying to be smart about what you buy, buy used. You’re paying a markup with new, when really gold is gold, silver is silver, and diamonds are diamonds,” said Patty, referencing how all jewelry is essentially melted down and recreated at one point in time or another. “You want to get your bling for your buck.”

Unlike mass produced or plastic costume jewelry, Central Wisconsin Coin features quality pieces that can be repurposed and upcycled.

“The quality that they used to make costume jewelry out of — you’re getting hand-set stones, not something that is mass-produced,” said Patty.

“Even if it’s not exactly what you want, you can make it what you want,” she added. “Plus, we have an ever-turning inventory because we not only sell, we also buy. People can bring in broken or scrap jewelry and upcycle.”

For costume or other jewelry needs, visit Central Wisconsin Coin at 231 S. Central Avenue, open Monday to Thursday from 9:30am-5:30pm.

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