Donations Needed to Help United Way Reach Campaign Goal

Small Donations Make Big Difference for Marshfield Area United Way

There’s still a month left to help Marshfield Area United Way reach their 2018 campaign goal and make a difference in many different areas of the community. The nonprofit is about a third of the way toward their goal to raise $780,000.

Whether it’s delivering meals to seniors, providing an after-school program for kids, or resources for a family suffering from domestic violence, there are many ways United Way serves the city and surrounding communities.

“United Way is all about providing the services that really impact our community,” said Paula Jero, Executive Director. “It’s not that we just do services for kids or just do services for seniors. We have such a variety that is truly birth to the end of life and impacts a lot of different people.”

When they ask others what they like about Marshfield, one comment that is brought up consistently is the good quality of life the city offers. “I do believe wholeheartedly the service delivery system we have here really does contributes to that quality of life,” Jero said.

United Way traditionally relies on a volume of small donations, meaning that almost anyone has the ability to take part and make a difference even if they can’t afford a large gift.

“Any donation is making an impact. We do receive donations of many different sizes,” said Ashley Winch, Communications Director. “Sometimes people think there’s somebody else who’s going to stand up, so they don’t have to participate. What we’re trying to say is we need that person to be you.”

“It takes a village,” said Jero, “to make sure we’re continuing to move forward.”

Donations remain in the community and can be made in a variety of ways. Secure giving is available online at, by mail or office drop-off. Anyone who needs assistance or has questions can call Marshfield Area United Way (715) 384-9992.

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