DNR: Confirmed Sighting of Cougar in Marinette County

Wisconsin DNR

The Wisconsin DNR has confirmed a sighting of a cougar in Marinette County, the fourth confirmed sighting this year.

The photo was captured on a trail camera on Friday, August 23. Last year, a record 37 cougar sightings were confirmed.

After a 100-year hiatus, cougars have been returning to the state. The first confirmed sighting in recent years occurred in 2008 and the number of sightings has since increased. According to the DNR, the nearest breeding population of cougars is in the Black Hills in South Dakota, and it’s believed the sightings in Wisconsin are of males in search of their own territory.

It’s unlikely that cougars will be establish another breeding population in Wisconsin anytime soon due to the limited number of females that travel from western areas, the DNR said.

More information about cougars and how to report a sighting can be found at the Wisconsin DNR website.

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