Digital Planner for ReMarkable 2

reMarkable 2 Digital Planner
ReMarkable 2 Digital Planner

ReMarkable Update Enables Digital Planner Features

The reMarkable 2 is a great tool for digital planning. This powerful device enhances your ability to take digital notes and digitally plan. A PDF digital planner can easily be imported into the reMarkable 2. (Check out a list of best digital planners here.)

Key2Success Digital Planner for ReMarkable

Learn reMarkable 2 digital planning tips in this video, including how to:

  • Use the handy lasso tool to copy and paste events from one day to the next.
  • Utilize Goals, Quarterly Planning, Ideal Week, Daily Pages, and more to help achieve success.
  • Manage projects and notes pages
  • Navigate through the planner

Be sure to update your reMarkable 2 to the latest edition to enjoy the new features and make your digital planning easier.

Hyperlinks Improve Digital Planning on ReMarkable 2

For those using the ReMarkable 2 for digital planning, there are some exciting updates in the newest release (2.6).  New gestures include pinch-to-zoom and a two-finger pan to move around the page once you’re zoomed in. They have also updated the look and feel of PDFs, which is great news for those digital planning!

In addition, navigation links within PDFs are now supported and landscape files will correctly orient. This means easier navigation through the digital planning by using hyperlinks!

Best of all for digital planning in ReMarkable, navigating through your PDF documents just got easier with links! When set up, you can now jump from one page to another with just a tap of the screen.

Other updates include new cursor graphics while using erase and selection tools, along with improved general system and stability improvements.

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