Deputy Cleared of Wrongdoing in Arpin Shooting

Scene near Arpin, WI on HWY 186. OnFocus Photo.

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) The deputy involved in an Arpin shooting in June has been cleared of wrongdoing in the incident. Video from police body cameras and dash are being released.

Wood County Sheriff Deputies responded to a residence in Arpin on Tuesday, June 11 at 7:30 p.m. to conduct a welfare check on a 32 year-old male, Logan Johnsrud, who had allegedly made suicidal comments.

According to the case synopsis, two deputies attempted to speak with Johnsrud, who denied making the comments. Wood County Sheriff’s Deputy Nathan Dean went to his patrol car to contact a crisis worker contracted with the county to formulate a plan to assist Johnsrud. The crisis worker requested to speak with Johnsrud. When Deputy Dean approached with the cell phone, Johnsrud ran through the rear door of the residence and locked it before deputies could follow.

Deputy Dean moved to the front door, thinking Johnsrud would flee that way, returning to the rear entrance when Deputy Cory Leigh forced entry. Deputy Dean approached the threshold between the stairwell and kitchen. The subject appeared armed with a large knife while another unnamed civilian held his right arm around Johnrud’s neck while attempting to grab Johnsrud’s left arm.

Deputy Leigh moved behind the two men and attempted to pull his taser out. Johnsrud began approaching Deputy Dean at the same time the civilian attempted to stop him. Jonhsrud made two downward motions as if attempting to stab the deputy. Deputy Dean was backing down the stairs toward the rear entrance to create distance while pulling out his service weapon. Johnsrud approached the deputy with his knife raised and Deputy Dean fired three rounds.

Life-saving measures were performed on Johnsrud by Deputy Dean. The unnamed man sustained a hand injury because of the shooting while Deputy Leigh was shot in the right bicep due to his close proximity to Johnsrud. Deputy Leigh received a tourniquet at the scene. The civilian was transported to the hospital for treatment.

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