DeNovi Receives Sheriff’s Office Life-Saving Medal for Saving Suicidal Inmate

Corrections Officer John DeNovi / Marathon County Sheriff's Photo

OnFocus – Marathon County Sheriff’s Corrections Officer John DeNovi is the latest recipient of the Sheriff’s Office Life Saving Medal, due to his life-saving actions that helped a suicidal inmate.

According to Sheriff Scott Parks, on September 11, 2020, at approximately 8:27pm, DeNovi checked on an inmate who was being provided a shower in the receiving area of the Marathon County Jail. DeNovi initially knocked on the cell door and received no response.

DeNovi removed the magnet covering from the viewing window, observing the cell interior, but could not see the inmate. DeNovi summoned other Corrections Officers to help respond, and entered the shower cell. Upon entry, DeNovi found the inmate had tied his towel around a handrail, placed the towel around his neck and was suspended from that towel.

DeNovi immediately lifted the inmate up in order to remove weight from the towel tied around the inmate’s neck, which caused the inmate to gasp for air. DeNovi was able to break the towel free from the handrail, gaining more space and allowing the inmate’s airway to gather in air through coughs and gasps. The inmate was provided immediate medical attention and transported for mental health services.

Corrections Officer DeNovi’s immediate action saved the individual seeking to self harm, causing that inmate’s life to be saved. He was awarded the Sheriff’s Office Life Saving Medal for his service.

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