Dave Krause Receives John Finney Lifetime Award

Dave Kraus

MARSHFIELD – When a family has a child being treated for cancer, it quickly becomes a daily struggle just to hold everything that matters together. For families under such constant stress, Joshua’s Camp is a very special retreat with a life-renewing mission. This camp would become a second home for Dave Krause and his family.

Dave Krause, VP/Commercial Lender at Forward Bank, became involved with Joshua’s Camp after his son Will was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2012. Their child life specialist suggested they attend Joshua’s Camp, which was brand new at the time.

“It was an amazing experience for all of us,” commented Krause. “As a parent many times you feel as if you are fighting this battle alone, HIPPA does not allow your care team to introduce you to others that are experiencing similar issues. JC has no limitations, so you are encouraged to talk with the other families and develop relationships.”

Joshua Camp also focuses on the whole family and offers everyone the opportunity to step back, relax, and experience the feeling of solid ground. “Our son Ben was just as important as Will was, but during treatment, siblings are sort of forgotten,” said Krause. “John Finney, JC Founder, always said the childhood cancer was a family disease fought in the body of a child.”

After Krause’s first camp in April 2012, Finney approached him about serving on the board that was being established for Joshua’s Camp. “I, of course said yes,” recalls Krause. “I didn’t know I would be named President of the board that has no term limits!”

On Saturday, August 25 at the annual “Evening on the Stage” fundraiser, Krause was presented with the John Finney Lifetime Award for his work on the Joshua’s Camp Advisory Board and for establishing structure to an organization that truly started at a kitchen table. The award is fondly named after John Finney, who lost his battle to cancer in January 2015.

“We’re proud of Dave’s accomplishments and his dedication to an organization that is very near to his heart,” commented Bill Sennholz, President/CEO at Forward Bank. “This a great example of an employee taking the time and energy to make a difference in our communities and the lives of the people who live here.”

-Submitted by Forward Bank

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