CWC-Small All Conference Football Team Headlined by Assumption: Leberg(Off POY) Moyer(Def POY) Sullivan(Coach of the Year)


CWC-Small All Conference Football Team

Offense – Player of the Year: RB Nick Leberg* Assumption 26 12

Defense – Player of the Year: LB Joey Moyer Assumption 44 12

Coach of the Year Jeff Sullivan-Assumption

                                     First Team

               Offense                                    Defense

Pos. Name School No. Yr. Pos. Name School No. Yr.

K Mason Kubis* Assumption 22 11                  DB Ryan Shaw* Assumption 3 12
OL Braden Louison* Iola-Scandinavia 66 12     DB Mason Kubis Assumption 22 11
OL Kenny Golat* Assumption 76 12                DB Louie Nikolai Loyal 4 11
OL Gunner Krause* Assumption 50 11             DL Ryan Doede Iola-Scandinavia 64 10
OL Brad Jorgensen Assumption 79 11              DL Kenny Golat* Assumption 76 12
OL Colin Meyers Pacelli 53 11                          DL Gunner Krause* Assumption 50 11
QB Jack Klatt Assumption 7 12                        DL Drew Stieglitz* Loyal 12 12
RB Nick Leberg* Assumption 26 12                  LB Joey Moyer* Assumption 44 12
RB Brock Birrenkott* Pacelli 2 12                     LB Cade Statz Assumption 23 12
TE Joey Moyer* Assumption 44 12                   LB Nick Leberg Assumption 26 12
WR Jackson Fredy* Iola-Scandinavia 1 12         LB Brock Birrenkott* Pacelli 2 12
WR Ryan Shaw* Assumption 3 12                     P Jackson Fredy Iola-Scandinavia 1 12

                                      Second Team

                 Offense                                        Defense

K Jackson Fredy Iola-Scandinavia 1 12          DB Parker Gullixon Iola-Scandinavia 5 12
OL Ryan Doede Iola-Scandinavia 64 10         DB Logan Mendyke Pacelli 4 12
OL Mitchell Grover Pacelli 54 10                   DB Andrew VanOrder Pacelli 3 11
OL Carter Herheim Pacelli 55 11                  DL Eli Birrenkott Pacelli 77 10
OL TJ Wierzba Rosholt 79 11                       DL Roby Beranik Loyal 78 12
OL Mason Wierzba Rosholt 66 9                   DL Brandon Rzentkowski Rosholt 54 12
QB Parker Gullixon Iola-Scandinavia 5 12     LB Mason Kraemer Iola-Scandinavia 42 12
RB Ryan Kampert Iola-Scandinavia 8 10       LB Bennett Eckendorf Pacelli 17 12
RB Cade Statz Assumption 23 12                 LB Mitchell Grover Pacelli 54 10
TE Drew Stieglitz Loyal 12 12                      LB Charlie Walder Rosholt 8 12
WR Jaxon Peterson Rosholt 2 11                   Punter Cade Statz Assumption 23 12
WR Tyler Hintz Rosholt 4 11

Honorable Mention
QB Alex Wierzba Rosholt 11 9                  DB Jackson Fredy Iola-Scandinavia 1 12
RB Bennett Eckendorf Pacelli 17 12          DB Manny Schultz Assumption 2 11
DB Asher Jordan Pacelli 7 11
DB Ethan Stroud Rosholt 10 11
DB Caleb Zick Rosholt 23 9
LB Weston Knorr Iola-Scandinavia 79 11
LB Jaymason Mayek Pacelli 18 12
LB Trent Bembenek Rosholt 24 12


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Author: David Keech

David Keech is a math teacher in Wisconsin Rapids and public address announcer for Abbotsord High School. He officiates basketball, baseball, and softball in central Wisconsin. He has reported on amateur sports since 2011, known as 'KeechDaVoice.' David can be reached at [email protected]