Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts Hosting Sign-Up Event Thursday

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OnFocus – The Marshfield Area Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts of America will be hosting a Scout sign up night on September 17. The event will be taking place from 6:30-8:00pm at Wildwood Park.

“We would love to have between 75-100 youth sign up within the Marshfield and surrounding areas,” wrote Council Executive Janice Watson. She noted that boys and girls are able to join the organization. Children grades kindergarten through 5 are eligible for Cub Scouts, and those grades 6 through 12 can join the Boy Scouts of America.

When asked about why parents should be excited about enrolling their children, Watson wrote, “Parents should be excited because [through the organization] kids develop academic skills, self-confidence, leadership skills, character development, hands-on skills, but most of all they have fun!”

Parents and children can expect the fun to begin shortly after they sign up. There are several camp-outs planned for this year. During the Fall and Winter Camporees, youth are able to camp with their units and earn merit badges. Watson wrote they might earn badges in activities such as shooting, winter sports, mechanics, citizenships, personal fitness, and kayaking, among others.

Scouts can also expect to participate in many service projects, such as setting up the Rotary Winter Wonderland lights (pictured).

Parents and guardians can bring their children to the Scout sign up night, though it is not mandatory. Payment will be required while signing up, but Watson notes that scholarships are offered for those who need them. Membership is prorated at $22 per scout for the remainder of the 2020 membership year.

If a parent or guardian is unable to attend the meeting, but would still like to sign their child up for the program, contact Council Executive Janice Watson. Her email address is [email protected]

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Jessica Purgett
Author: Jessica Purgett

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