Council to Hear Complaint Received against PFC Members

Council to Review Complaints Filed

Marshfield (OnFocus) The Marshfield Common Council voted 8-2 to remove Bob McManus from his position as Mayor of Marshfield in March.

The City has now received a complaint against two members of the Police and Fire Commission. These same members brought forward the aforementioned concerns against the mayor.

Council will adjourn to closed session this evening to review complaints filed against these members of the Fire & Police Commission. It is unknown at this time what action the council may consider following reconvening to open session.

Under Wisconsin State Statute, the Marshfield Common Council could require that each member of the complaint deliver a bond in the sum of $1000.

After hearing the complaint in closed session, Marshfield Common Council may make a motion to conduct a hearing of the complaint. The complaint requested removal of the commissioners. As such, each citizen of the removing power is authorized to issue subpoenas for the attendance of witnesses and the production of evidence.

If the city proceeds with a hearing on the merits of the complaint and finds that the complaint was willful and malicious and without probable cause, the city shall order a judgment for the costs and fees associated with the hearing on the member of the complaint.

If a hearing is conducted, according to WI Stat 17.12, members of the police and fire can be removed for cause by three-fourths vote of all members of the common council. This would require 8 members of council to find the complaint met the merit of cause.

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