Council Approves Funding for 2nd Street Corridor Plan


City Communicates OnFocus – “This is an opportunity for us to finish the second street corridor. This is really the third phase of this project,” said Josh Miller, Director of Development Services. “The first phase was looking at the area between Maple Avenue and Chestnut Avenue and redesigning that streetscape, which we’ve done. The second phase was the Wenzel Family Plaza which will be open in a month. The third phase is to tie this into the Steven J. Miller Park extending this further west.”

“In the​ ​summary of existing conditions is there​ ​any plan to look deep, soil samples, find​ ​out what we’re looking at at that, or ​this just surface?” asked Alderman Tom Witzel.

“So we wouldn’t be doing core samples, we would be a finding contamination,” said Miller. “We would be identifying contaminated sites that has been present or that have been made aware of.”

“I have concerns that we’re talking about a new city garage,” said Alderwoman Rebecca Spiros. “There’s nothing wrong with the existing city garage that I know of.”

“I think the overall quality of the buildings are fine. Those could be adaptively reused – that doesn’t mean they’d have to be torn down,” said Miller. “And part of this analysis would look at alternative sites for that City Garage, so they’d be looking at different locations and the costs associated with that.”

The resolution passed 8-1 with Alderman Earll voting no.

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