Cougar Exhibit Celebrates Ribbon Cutting

Floyd and Pat Hamus cut the ribbon on the Cougar Exhibit & Welcome Center at Wildwood Zoo, 10-25-19. OnFocus photo.

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) Wildwood Zoo cougars Thunder and Star officially have more room to roam.

A ribbon cutting ceremony for the Floyd and Pat Hamus Cougar Exhibit & Welcome Center took place at 1 p.m. on Friday.

“It’s truly amazing to be in this period of growth and reinvestment in the zoo and the park in general,” said Zookeeper Steve Burns, “and to be a part of that is really great and I think a true testament to the appreciation this community shares, that this zoo is really a gem in Marshfield.”

The cougar’s new exhibit changed from a concrete floor to a more naturalistic environment which mimics the biome of the American West, with its sandstone structures. The exhibit will encourage more natural cougar behavior while offering behind-the-scenes viewing opportunities of the exhibit and handling area from the windows inside the Welcome Center.

The Welcome Center adds small animal exhibits, a hands-on education display on the water cycle, and ADA accessible bathrooms. An educational display on electricity spearheaded by Marshfield Utilities will be available around Thanksgiving.

“Water and power, along with the natural environment, including the animals we see today, are easy to take for granted,” said Nick Kumm, General Manager of Marshfield Utilities. “But we must remember they are all important, finite resources. We are proud to be part of raising awareness and educating the next generation about the importance of these resources.”

Able to adapt to almost any type of environment created for them, the cougars are expected to gain confidence in their surroundings and become more active in the coming days and weeks.

“Hopefully, the new exhibit pays homage to one of the great predator species of the world while also providing an educational and engaging way for our patrons to connect with nature,” Burns said.


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