Contours Body Sculpting Re-Opens in Marshfield with New Owner

OnFocus —For many years, Marshfield’s residents relied on Contours Body Sculpting treatments to help them lose inches, reduce cellulite, and build confidence. When Contours’ former owner decided to stop providing the Body Sculpting treatments and focus exclusively on massage therapy, perhaps nobody in town was more disappointed than Ashley Heeg.

Contour Body Sculpting

“It was only a few months after I discovered and fell in love with the Body Sculpting treatments, that they were no longer available,” said Heeg. Heeg was very intrigued by how the process targets and eliminates the specific fluid and fat cells that cause cellulite and wanted to learn more about it. Also, she felt very passionate that the treatments should continue to be offered to Marshfield-area residents, so she offered to buy Contours and provide the treatments herself.

“I was so excited when I decided take the plunge and buy the business. At first, my husband was skeptical, but when I gave him the treatment and he lost 5.25 inches after one session, I had his full support,” Heeg said with a smile.

During the months that followed, Heeg purchased the equipment for the Body Sculpting treatments and trained with Contours’ former owner, consulted with experts in Canada, ordered products from France, and practiced providing the Body Sculpting treatment on willing friends and relatives. Once she felt confident to offer the treatments to the public, she worked with Erin and Chris Howard to renovate a space downtown above Mojos Pasta House and Cajun Cook Shack and created the perfect atmosphere for her to provide Body Sculpting treatments.

Robin Rode, who was a client of Contours Body Sculpting under its former ownership, said “I am so happy for Ashley and the reopening of Contours Body Sculpting. As a past client, I am looking forward to Ashley doing an amazing job to revitalize this great service.”

Heeg’s new landlords Erin and Chris Howard of Howard Properties have also been very supportive. “When we met Ashley, we knew right away that we wanted her to be a part of the new professional space we’ve created above Mojos,” said Erin. “She just overflows with a positive energy that is truly contagious.”

To complement her Body Sculpting treatments, Heeg installed an infrared sauna at her new downtown location so clients can experience the benefits of that as well. “The infrared sauna is scientifically proven to help people lose weight, strengthen the immune system, detoxify the body, rejuvenate the skin, improve cardiovascular health, relieve pain, and much more,” said Heeg.

Heeg is now open for business and is accepting new clients. To learn more, visit or find her on Facebook.

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