Common Council Discusses Impact of COVID-19

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) It’s been business as usual for the majority of City of Marshfield departments during COVID-19. During its remote meeting, the Common Council discussed the impact of the pandemic for 2020 on the City.

“The City is different from private businesses that are selling a product or even other municipal units such as the state, which relies heavily on sales tax, or even other cities that might rely on tourism,” City Finance Director Ron Aumann said.

“The real impact will probably be in 2021 when everything shakes out with the state, and the aids, and those kind of things,” he said.

Some City departments have been more affected than others by COVID-19 restrictions. The public library is currently offering curbside pickup of materials while closed, and a number of library employees have been furloughed or have reduced hours, while some are working remotely.

“We have added more staff, still limited, with direction by the Department of Public Instruction to keep people spaced far apart,” said Library Director Lori Belongia.

The Parks and Recreation Department has lost income from closing park rentals and for that reason is reluctant to hire part-time or seasonal workers this summer.

“Financially it’s not a huge impact, but it is an impact,” said Director Justin Casperson. However, there are some savings related to less cleaning and garbage collection, and electrical use.

City Administrator Steve Barg said the City has accrued about $10,000 in costs related to COVID-19, and most of that is expected to be reimbursed. The amount include extra election expenses, such as safety barriers for poll workers during social distancing, plus increased cleaning and sanitizing, and purchase of personal protective equipment.

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