Common Council Accepts Resignation of Police Chief Rick Gramza

No City Hearing Will be Held

OnFocus – Marshfield’s Common Council met Thursday at 7:00am to discuss a “Consideration of possible voluntary separation agreement with Chief Rick Gramza.”

“This is a separation agreement that would resolve the issue,” said Barg, noting that it would mean there isn’t a need for a hearing.

Under the terms of the agreement, Chief Gramza resigned effective immediately. The terms of the settlement were not discussed.

A motion to approve the settlement agreement was approved 8-2, with Aldermen Rosandich and Bargender voting no.

“Back in December of 2020, this Council unanimously voted to file formal charges against Chief Gramza,” said Bargender. “I believe due to the serious nature of the charges, it is not in the best interest of the City to consider it… Furthermore I do not submit any settlement agreement that would include any taxpayer dollars.”

Council also motioned to have Steve Barg withdraw the charges from the PFC. A motion was made by Alderperson Spiros, seconded by Alderman Fischer.

“The only resignation I have about this is that I don’t think the Chief has had the opportunity to present his case on it,” said Wagner. “I think the only way now is through the court system, where he has charges pending. I don’t feel that we’ve let the system work the way it should…Again, we are acting upon the advice of an attorney and I will have to go along with it.”

Motion carried 8-2, with Rosandich and Bargender voting no.

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